Announcing a collaborative agreement regarding the development of used diaper converting technology


ZUIKO Corporation is excited to announce its collaborative agreement with Takeei Corporation, Soma city, and Yamagata University, to advance the development of recycling used diapers. The official signing ceremony was held May 27, 2024.

The project aims to promote a recycling oriented and decarbonized society by transforming difficult-to-process waste into recyclable resources. Collecting diaper waste, converting it into fuel by private businesses, and evaluating the resulting data by university academics is a step in this endeavor.

Goals of the agreement:
1. Demonstrate and confirm the processes and conditions of converting used disposable diapers into fuel by building and implementing a comprehensive system of collecting, converting, and examples for its use as a fuel.
2. Provide a proof of concept and collect data to identify issues for commercialization.

Summary of the agreement:
1. Provide raw materials needed for demonstration.
2. Provide equipment for demonstration.
3. Sharing of data obtained through the demonstration.
4. Evaluation and verification of results.
5. Provide services related to the proof of concept.
6. Cooperation on the above items by the parties in agreement.

Press Release

Press Conference(YouTube JP)

From left: Mitsutoshi Kuroda, Yamagata University, Yonezawa Campus Director
Mitsuo Abe, CEO, Takeei Corporation
Hidekiyo Tachiya, Soma City Mayor
Toyoshi Umebayashi, President & CEO, ZUIKO Corporation