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ZUIKO CORPORATION (hereinafter, "ZUIKO", "we", "us" etc.), together with our group companies, is sincerely committed to ethical behavior and legal compliance. We also consider the protection of personal information - a valuable asset entrusted to us - a social responsibility, and therefore set forth this Privacy Policy.

1) Collection of Personal Information
ZUIKO, to the extent necessary for legitimate business activities, collect personal information during the course of our various business activities through requests or contacts to us in relation to product such as sanitary napkin manufacturing machinery, baby and adult disposable diaper manufacturing machinery, other machinery or service orders, technical consultations, service or maintenance request or requests for catalogues and manuals, market or other surveys and events, and other requests.
You can refer to our main products and services > here.

2) Purpose of Processing Personal Information
We process the collected personal information for the following purposes:

Personal information of Customers
(1) Supply products and services
(2) Aftersales and maintenance services
(3) Improve the quality of the planning and research and development of our products
(4) Respond to inquiries or requests from our Customers
(5) Provide information about our products and/or services
(6) Organization of our sales campaigns and other events (e.g. sending out invitations)
(7) Surveys and product monitors
(8) Organization of business meeting (e.g. sending out invitations)
(9) Management of access to our premises
(10) Advertising and sales promotion activities (including analyzing the collected information such as browsing history and purchase history, and use such information for advertising, promotion and marketing purposes with respect to new products and services suited to the individual’s tastes and preferences)

Personal information of Business Partners
(1) Organization of business meeting (e.g. sending out invitations)
(2) Contacts and provision of information to the persons in charge of our Business Partners
(3) Performance of works and services entrusted to us by our Business Partners
(4) Management of access to our premises

Personal information of Shareholders
(1) Performance of our and our Shareholders' rights and obligations as prescribed by the Companies Act
(2) Provision of services to our Shareholders
(3) Management of shares and shareholders by preparing databases required by laws and regulations

Personal information of Applicants for Employment or Internships and Retired Employees
(1) Provision of information to Applicants for Employment or Internships and other human resources management related activities
(2) Management of hiring processes
(3) Provision of information to our Retired Employees

We may acquire from a third party personal information such as attribute information (e.g. age, gender, occupation, residence), cookies, IP addresses, advertising identifiers, location information, activity history, purchasing history, etc. that does not constitute personal information by itself, and we may use such information by linking to personal information we already have. In such cases, we will use such personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3) Joint Use of Personal Information
ZUIKO may, within the scope of the above described purposes, jointly use the collected personal information with our group companies. When the joint use is with third parties outside the ZUIKO group companies, we will inform the data subject about the scope, purpose and other necessary items via our website or by other means. The categories of personal information to be jointly used, the scope of data subjects, the purpose of use by the joint user, and the person who has the management responsibility are as follows:

(1) Categories of jointly used personal information
Name, address, phone and other contact information, other personal information for the above prescribed purposes including sales information related to our products/services, installation or maintenance related information etc.
(2) Entities jointly using the personal information
> Group Companies
(3) Purpose of use for joint users
We use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose stated under 1.2 herein ("Purpose of Processing Personal Information”) or the purpose of use notified or announced by ZUIKO at the time of collection.
(4) Responsible entity

4) Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
To the extent necessary for the purpose of processing personal information, ZUIKO may disclose personal information to our subcontractors. In addition, disclosure to third parties without the data subject's consent may occur in cases prescribed by law.

5) Period for Storing Personal Information
ZUIKO stores personal information for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of obtaining the personal information, provided, however, that if laws require differently, such period will be set in accordance with the laws.

6) Request for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information
Upon receipt of request from the respective data subject pursuant to our procedures, ZUIKO will promptly disclose the personal information held by us about the data subject, unless such disclosure may cause major detrimental impact on our operations, and/or unless such disclosure may cause a risk to the life, safety, property or other rights of individual(s) etc.
Furthermore, upon receipt of request from the respective data subject pursuant to our procedures in order to revise, add, delete or cease using personal information held by us on him or her, ZUIKO will promptly investigate the request, and in case the request is reasonable, we will certainly accept the request.

7) Cross-border transfer
In cases when we transfer personal information across borders to our group companies or to third parties, we check applicable laws and regulations to such international transfer and comply with those laws and regulations.

ZUIKO will comply with this Privacy Policy, our other internal rules, and applicable laws and guidelines on the protection of personal information.

ZUIKO has a management system and implements appropriate security measures in order to maintain integrity and security and prevent unauthorized access, loss, manipulation or leaks etc. of personal information. Furthermore, upon subcontracting the processing of personal information, we make efforts to protect such personal information by selecting subcontractors who handle personal information appropriately and by prescribing the necessary measures to the subcontractor for the appropriate data management.

ZUIKO regularly reviews and seeks to improve our efforts on the protection of personal information.

In accordance with the above, when we acquire and use the personal information of users on our website, the personal information will be handled as follows.

1) Use of the personal information provided by the user
When contacting us using our inquiry form, we request the disclosure of the personal information such as the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the viewer in order to respond and provide necessary information for the inquiries. The purpose of use may be stated on each website page in addition to the above-mentioned "Purpose of Processing Personal Information ".

2) Use of Cookie, Web Beacon, or Other Technologies
On our website, we may use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies to obtain usage status information and attribute information in order to enhance usability, deliver advertisements, and obtain statistical data. Please note that some of our services may not be available if you disable cookies, web beacons, or other technologies.

3) Use of Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to measure and improve the convenience of the website. Please note that Google Analytics uses cookies stored on your browsing device to collect information such as your browsing history.

4) Links to other websites
We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of 3rd party websites linked from our website.

Questions on our handling of personal information may be sent to this contact.

2-1-2 Saito Hanada, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0082, Japan
ZUIKO CORPORATION Attn: Personal information protection operation manager