A Manufacturer that Designs, Manufactures,
and Provides Consulting Services for Disposable Hygiene Product Machines

Our Business

ZUIKO develops, designs, and manufactures converting machines for the production of disposable hygiene products like baby diapers. With decades of experience designing customized machines, we offer our expert knowledge about product design and provide consulation services regarding machine operation and production efficiency. We provide specialized maintenance and service plans for domestic and overseas customers.

02Consulting and Maintenance Services

With our understanding of product trends around the world, ZUIKO works with customers to design and develop products that deliver the best function and performance to compete in the market. In addition, we provide total machine maintenance support, spare parts, unit overhauls, training and other key support services to help keep customer machine running continuously and efficiently.

03Medical, Recycling, and Nursing Care Businesses

Beside manufacturing converting machines for the disposable hygiene industry, ZUIKO's subsidiary ZUIKO Medical Co. Ltd., manufactures and distributes PlusMoist™, a wet wound dressing and other medical products like surgical masks.
ZUIKO also provides product recycling systems that reuse materials resulting from production loss as well as systems that turn used diapers into a new energy source.
For nursing facilities and at-home care, ZUIKO is developing new diaper products that work with automated robot cleaning systems to help improve the long-term care industry.

Why Choose ZUIKO?

With on over 70 years of experience and technical innovations, we achieved and have kept 90% of the hygiene product machine market share in Japan. Even though we are considered one of the top three hygiene product machine manufacturers in the world, we continue to grow our global market share.

Manufacturer of Customized Converting Machines for Disposable Hygiene Products

We delivered our first disposable hygiene machine in 1963 to help the customer support the growing number of women joining the work force. The delivery of the feminine napkin machine was the beginning of constant innovation and technical improvement. Listening and analyzing customer's needs, our made-to-order machines meet requirments and surpass expectations.

60Years Since Incorporation

700Number of Deliveries
Around the World

Expanding to Markets Around the World

Growing our business and market share through our 8 overseas bases in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the U.S., Brazil, Turkey, and Germany, we continue developing our technology and unique Japanese engineering.

36Number of Countries We Have Shipped To

Unique Technologies Burnished Over Years of Engineering

Boasting the top market share in Japan for diapers and feminine napkin machines, the innovative high speed and high precision technologies we use in machines for the production of hygiene products are based on ideas that adapt to the demands of the constanty changing market.

800Total Patents Worldwide