Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Machines

Answer to frequently asked questions are below. Please contact us if you have questions that need more detailed answers.

Machine Basics

Q. Can you send a catalog of machines with prices?
A. Unfortunately, a catalog with machines and prices is not available. Our machines are built to order according to specifications for a specific product design. While budgetary pricing is availble, an actual quotation is only available after the product and machine specifications are understood.
Q. How many product sizes can a machine make?
A. Depending on the specifications, a machine can produce 2-5 product sizes. Machines must be stopped and size units installed and adjustments made before production can begin again. This can take a few hours depending on the experience and skill of the technicians.
Q. How long does it take from the purchase order to the delivery of a machine?
A. After receiving your order, it can take from 8-10 months to manufacture the machine. This period includes finalizing specifications, design work, parts fabrications and purchases from key vendors, and assebmly. Machine testing can take up to one month and is done with raw materials sent from the customer.
Q. How much floor space and ceiling height is needed for a machine?
A. Actual floor space depends on the specifications of the machine. You can find general machine size information here. Space requirements for product stacking and bagging equipment are not included in our general information, but we can provide this information when needed.
Q. How much does a machine weight? How much power is needed? Do I need other utilities?
A. Please refer to the product information page as it will vary depending on the machien specifications.
Q. Do you supply raw materials?
A. We are unable to supply raw materials because we are not able to determine which materials are most suitable for the customer. However, we can refer you to possible suppliers and share our general raw material knowledge.
Q. Are raw materials needed for testing?
A. Yes. Customers must provide their chosen raw materials to ZUIKO for testing in the machie. Details regarding amount and schedule are provided during technical discussions
Q. Is a clean room necessary?
A. A clean room is not necessary but we recommend dust collection systems to keep the environment comfortable for the operators and minimize dust buildup on the machine.
Q. Is hearing protection necessary?
A. Yes. Machines in operation can reach 100db and hearing damage can occur if hearing protection is not used.

Frequently Asked Questions for Investors

Q. What is ZUIKO's business?
A. ZUIKO was founded in 1946. The production of ZUIKO's first converting machine for feminine napkins was soon followed by the production of its first diaper machine. Since 1983, focus on developing high speed production and new functional technologies for diapers and feminine napkins have added value to our customer's products. This period saw growth in overseas business which led Zuiko to establish its first factory in Shanghai, China in 2003. This was followed by service centers in Thailand and Indonesia, and sales offices in the U.S., Turkey, Germany, India, and another manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In November 2021, ZUIKO moved into its new factory headquarters making full use of its developmental capabilities and unique technologies. For more information, please refer here.
Q. What about ZUIKO's overseas businesses?
A. Our facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Shanghai, China provides total support from engineering and design to machine manufacturing and maintenance. In Thailand and Indonesia, we help keep our customers' macdhines running with spare parts, overhauls, retrofits, and maintenance services. From all of our worldwide bases, we responed to capital investment inquiries and suggest machines that make products that exceed their expectations. For more information about our overseas bases, visit here.
Q. Where can I find ZUIKO's lastest financial information?
A. We disclose our financial results every quarter. Our fiscal year ends on February 20 and financial results announced in April. You can find past reports from the IR Library page here.
Q. When was ZUIKO publically listed? Where can I find stock information about ZUIKO?
A. ZUIKO was first listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange in October 1989. You can find more information about ZUIKO's stock (Listing Code: 6279) by searching here.
Q. Whom can I contact regarding investor relations?
A. Please visit our Contacts page and check the IR box so your inquiry is forwarded to the correct department. Please fill in the required items and we will respond shortly.