ZUIKO's history has been defined by its constant dedication to the achievement of technological innovation.

  • 1946-1983


    Founded in 1946, ZUIKO first developed a converting machines for sanitary napkins before building machines for diaper production. After obtaining its first patent in 1980, ZUIKO began developing its key technologies and increasing its marketshare. This period was the starting point for the company's technological capabilities.

  • 1983-2003

    Driving Innovation

    By focusing on improving the technology and manufacturing process, ZUIKO succeeded in breaking production speed barriers. New innovations added function to products and improved comfort. Establishing its competitive advantage with its technical ingenuity, ZUIKO actively expanded its exports as overseas markets came to acknowledge its capabilities.

  • 2003-

    Global Expansion

    In 2003, ZUIKO opened its first overseas facility in Shanghai to provide machines and services to product manufacturers in China. It paved the way for aggressive expansion around the world establishing sales offices in the U.S., Turkey, Germany, and India, with service centers in Thailand and Indonesia. ZUIKO's third machine manufacturing facility was established in Brazil.

  • 2021-

    Make the Impossible Possible

    ZUIKO moved its new headquarters in November 2021 to Ibaraki, Osaka. Combining all aspects of its business from its technical expertise to machine production, the mother factory accelerates development and unique innovations that exceed customer expectations.As ZUIKO continues to contribute technology that advances the industry and improve people's health and welfare, the company will continue creating new business and continue to strive for sustainable growth and improve its long-term corporate value.