Helping the EnvironmentUsed Diaper Recycling Systems


Sealed bags of used diapers are put into the system which automatically shred, ferment, dry and sterilize producing high quality material for pelletizing. The pellet can then be used as fuel for biomass boilers to product heat and energy.


Recycling Capacity Dimensions(LXWXH) Power Consumption
SFD-600: 600kg/day SFD-600: 5055 x 1596 x 2658 mm SFD-600: 86 kwh/day
Recycling Capacity
SFD-600: 600kg/day
SFD-600: 5055 x 1596 x 2658 mm
Power Consumption
SFD-600: 86 kwh/day

Basic Specifications

  • ・Deodorizing System
  • ・Blower Conveying System

Critical Environmental Issues of Used Diapers

01Increased Generation
Disposable diapers are essential goods for infants and elderly peoples while generation of used diapers has been increasing year by year worldwide. With the aging of population, the increase in used diapers is to be further accelerated.
02Difficulties in reusing and recycling
Once it is used, diaper becomes problematic to handle as waste due to its contamination by human excrement with high moisture content. Currently, we have no way but burning it by costly waste incinerators or disposing it at landfills.
03High Cost of Treatment and Potential Threats to the Environment
The percentage of used diapers in overall municipal waste (waste from household and businesses) has reached in the range of 10 to 20 % by weight. The economic cost of used diaper treatment cannot be negligible for local economy while their potential impacts upon living environment become people’s serious concern.

Resource Recycling

The RPF fluff which exits the system can be molded into fuel pellets and used in place of wood pellets in biomass boilers and stoves.