Through partnership with our customers, we aim to help make available sanitary products around the world and create a more sustainable society.

What is SDGs?

Adopted in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked goals and 169 targets designed to address a wide range of economic, social, and environmental challenges.

ZUIKO Commitement

Based on our mission as a global manufacturer to create new value and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry and improving people's health and welfare, we are committed to work towards realization of a sustainable society and focus on the following initiatives from the 17 SDGs goals.

  • Diaper Converting Machines

    Each generation of diaper machines implements the latest technologies to help minimize the amount of used and wasted materials during the production process. Through process efficiencies, energy consumption is minimized while production stability and efficiencies are maximized. We aim to popularize environmentally friendly made diapers around the world.

  • Feminine Napkin Converting Machines

    We strongly support gender equality. In support of the social advancement of women around the world, we continue to develop machines that produce feminine napkins so high quality product can be made available and affordable to womens' specific needs.

  • Medical Business

    Using sanitary product manufacturing technology from its parent company to produce its wet wound dressing and face mask products, ZUIKO Medical Co. Ltd., continues to develop new products and expand its growing product lineup.

  • Recycling Business

    ZUIKO provides technologies to help reclaim and reuse production loss and turn used products into a new energy source. From new product manufacturing to recycling used diapers, we aim to provide the total solution and contribute to a sustainable society.

  • Nursing Care Business

    One of the most burdensome tasks for service providers at nursing care facilities and at-home caregivers is changing soiled diapers. ZUIKO is developing products that work efforlessly with automated excretion care systems helping relieve most of the physical and emotional stress of long term care.

Corporate Health Management

Leveraging the strengths cultivated since its founding in 1946, ZUIKO Corporation is developing new markets and aiming for greater heights with a pioneering spirit. To achieve success, it is essential that executives, employees, and also their families, stay both mentally and physically healthy. The following four initiatives are taken to maintain and improve health at ZUIKO.

1. Promote Work-Life Balance

2. Support Lifestyle Improvment

3. Improve Systems for Mental Health Care

4. Encourage Early Detection and Early Treatment of Illnesses and Diseases.

The importance of healthy people and companies is the base from which ZUIKO Corporation works to keep its trust with society and contribute to the development of the healthcare industry and to people's health and welfare.

ZUIKO Corporation  
President & CEO