ZUIKO Medical Enters Partnership Agreement with J-Chemical


ZUIKO Corporation's subsidiary, ZUIKO Medical Co. Ltd., has announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with J-Chemical, a Japanese manufacturer of functional films. Through the agreement, ZUIKO Medical aims to develop new products in the medical field by applying J-Chemical's "Proguard" film technology.

Functional films are important for the manufacturing of various high-quality products in the medical field. High demand and sector growth can be expected from both medical institutions and general consumers. Combining J-Chemical's technology with ZUIKO Medical's expertise in wound dressing development and manufacturing, the companies expect mutual business expansion.

What is "Proguard?"
Proguard is an internationally patented three-layer film consisting of an antibacterial & antioxidant layer, a gas barrier, and a protective film. It has excellent antibacterial properties preventing mold and blocks oxygen. It has excellent, deodorant, antiseptic, moisture-proof, and gas-barrier properties and has a proven track record in a range of fields from preserving the freshness of perishable foods and clothing storage.

ZUIKO Medical Ltd. Co.
A manufacturer and seller of medical devices and intermidiate materials for medical devices.
Founded: 2006 November
Address: 566-0062 Osaka, Settsu, Torikai-kami 4-3-50
President: K. Wada

J-Chemical Co. Ltd.
A maufacturer of functional films
Founded: 2004 April
Address: Tokyo, Bunkyo City, Hongo 3-31-1 Seiwa Building 3rd Floor
President: K. Ishiyama