ZUIKO Innovation Receives “2023 Osaka Invention Award”


An essential process in ZUIKO’s recloseable diaper manufacturing machine, the patented "flap folding drum" received the "2023 Osaka Invention Award.”

What is the Osaka Invention Award?
The award is given by the Osaka Institute of Invention and Innovation (OIAI) to recognize outstanding inventions, devices, and creations for the purpose of promoting regional revitalization, development of science and technology, and encourage invention activities in Osaka.

ZUIKO, following its corporate mission, continues to contribute to society by creating value-added technologies as a global manufacturer of products and contribute to the development of the healthcare industry and the health and welfare of people.

Osaka Invention Award
Name of Awarded Invention: "Side flap folding system for disposable diapers with pre-fastened fastening tapes"
Japan Patent No. 5604743 "Folding system for flaps of disposable articles to be worn"
Inventor: Yukihiko Fujita