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Why Choose ZUIKO?

ZUIKO’s strength is the ability to design, engineer and manufacture highly qualified machines that provide competitive advantages to the customer’s production needs.

Reason#1Specialized Manufacturer of Converting Machines

Professional quality by an expert manufacturer.

In 1961, ZUIKO helped revolutionize Japanese society when it delivered its first feminine sanitary napkin converting machine for the Japanese market. Today, the Japanese market is considered to have one of the world’s highest standards of quality and product performance thanks in part to ZUIKO converting machines.

Having delivered hundreds of machines to various markets over several decades, ZUIKO continues developing new solutions to enhance productivity and also the quality of consumer life.

Years Incorporated

Countries Delivered

Reason#2Patented Technologies

Industry leading innovations developed by ZUIKO.

Processing a multitude of raw materials with high precision at high speeds demand innovative engineering and precise manufacturing. With Japanese hygiene products being highly appreciated around the world, and with a majority of those products produced by ZUIKO machines, it can be said that ZUIKO patented technology has sponsored the success of many Japanese brands.

Japanese Patents

International Patents

Reason#3Solutions Oriented

Providing more than just the hardware.

Considering regional and world market trends, ZUIKO actively participates in the development of new products from the perspective of a machine manufacturer. In efforts to support customer success. ZUIKO provides indispensable services to customers like maintenance, spare parts support, unit overhauls, retrofits and training. A successful customer means a successful ZUIKO.