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Corporate Mission

As a specialist in the manufacturing of diaper and sanitary napkin converting machines, ZUIKO aspires to provide innovative solutions to problems and proposal unique and innovative technology that surpass customer expectations. ZUIKO is aware that a flexible mindset is vital to stay competitive in ever changing times.

The ZUIKO group are dedicated to working together as one to achieve the following mid- to long-term business plan.

Grow ZUIKO’s Business

Proceed to go beyond customer needs and expectations by providing new product ideas, services, and added value to customers. Continue to expand global market share and re-affirm ZUIKO brand image in the global market.

Reinforce ZUIKO’s Competitiveness

Propose high value-added solutions to customers and differentiate from global competitors. Improve collaboration between headquarters and its subsidiaries to improve machine quality and lowering production costs.

Strengthen ZUIKO’s Organization and Human Capital

Foster a work environment that promotes a rewarding experience to employees by improving corporate governance, and incorporating a group-wide management philosophy aimed at growing a global company.