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ZUIKO Medical Begins Surgical Mask Production

  • 2020.07.21
  • News

Settsu, Osaka, JAPAN — ZUIKO Medical, a subsidiary of ZUIKO Corporation, will begin manufacturing surgical face masks in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Domestic sales and distribution is managed by SHIP Healthcare Holdings, a provider of services for medical institutions.

The company will use high performance machinery developed and built by its parent company, ZUIKO Corporation, to manufacture the surgical masks for healthcare workers and the general public. Capable of producing 3 million high quality and comfortable surgical masks per month, the product will be made available for export from ZUIKO Medical after initial domestic sales.

Product Image




Product Features

The “Soft Band Mask™” uses innovative ear hooks that are made of soft and light nonwoven materials combined with thin elastic fiber elements. This provides a more comfortable fit during long term wear.

The ear hooks are held together by a thin nonwoven material and is detached by tearing the perforations before use.

The mask uses three layers of soft nonwoven materials that offer a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 99%.


Product Usage

Tear the perforations holding the ear hooks at the front of the mask.
Pull the ear hooks apart. The logo shows the front of the mask.


Product Details

Name: SHIP Mask
Masks per box: 30
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Retail Price: Open
Available for: Hospitals, drugstores, internet retailers, etc.

About SHIP Healthcare Holdings, Inc.

SHIP Healthcare provide a one-stop solution for medical institutions regarding facility operation, sales of medical supplies, operation of life care businesses, operation of pharmacies, and healthcare services. For more information about SHIP Healthcare, please visit

About ZUIKO Medical Corporation

ZUIKO Medical is a manufacturer and distributor of “Plus moist+™,” a wet-to-moist dressing for wounds. For more news and information about ZUIKO Medical, please visit

About ZUIKO Corporation

ZUIKO is a manufacturer of converting machines for the production of baby and adult diapers, incontinence products, and sanitary napkins. For more news and information about ZUIKO, please visit

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