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ZUIKO Technology

Manufacturing for the future through solutions-based engineering.

ZUIKO provides an environment for technicians and engineers to work together and develop new technologies to solve problems or inconveniences found in the market and by customers. Through its mantra and corporate mission, ZUIKO strives to consistently deliver new machine capabilities worldwide.

Inline SAP Sheet Converting

Pulp-less diaper possible with ZUIKO technology.

Through innovative processes, super absorbent polymer (SAP) and nonwoven fabric are converted into an absorbent sheet for use in diapers. Production speeds of 300 meters per minute allows product manufacturers to install the units directly into their current diaper converting machine.

The surface of the resulting thin absorbent sheet can be softened via an additional process for a complete “fluff-less” design.

3-D Top Sheet Emboss

Improve comfort and product value.

Capable of production at 300 meters per minute, inline units can be installed directly into the converting machine. The surface pockets acts as cushions and reduces the surface area in directly contact with the skin improving comfort.

Top sheet embossing is very popular in Asian markets where softer and more breathable products are high in demand.

SAP Placement Control System

Improve absorption efficiency.

For diapers that are marketed specifically to boys or girls, this technology provides a functional difference to supplement any cosmetic design differences. Positioning the SAP helps improve the absorption speed and draw urine quickly from sensitive skin. This technology can also improve the performance of products for users that have difficulty standing: newborns or bedridden adults.