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Corporate History

ZUIKO's history has been defined by its constant dedication to the achievement of technological innovation.

Foundation 1946~1983

Founded in 1946, ZUIKO began manufacturing converting machines for sanitary napkins before going on to manufacture machines for diaper production. During this period, ZUIKO increased its market share by developing several key technologies. It was in 1980 when ZUIKO acquired its first patent and became the starting point for ZUIKO’s path of innovation and breakthrough technology.

Driving Innovation 1983~2003

By focusing on technical innovation, ZUIKO developed processes that made possible the production of products which consumers take for granted today: pants type diapers, individually packaged feminine pads and thin core baby diapers. ZUIKO's technology became well-respected both domestically and internationally, leading to increased exports of converting machines, and sustained business growth.

Global Expansion 2003~2020

ZUIKO opened its first overseas factory in Shanghai, China in 2003. Thereafter, ZUIKO continued its global expansion by establishing sales offices and service centers in North America, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia. To answer demand from South American customers, another factory was established in South America. Holding approximately 80% of the Japanese market, ZUIKO is able to take on the challenges of the global market by employing ZUIKO ingenuity and innovation.

Make the Impossible Possible 2021~

In November 2021, ZUIKO moved into its new headquarters located in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture. The new facility consolidates machine design and production into 3 buildings; the offices, building for machine assembly, and building for commisioning machines. As a manufacturer of machines for the production of hygiene products, ZUIKO will continue to produce machines that exceed customer expectation by using our unique technical and engineering capabilities.