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ZUIKO Corporation Code of Ethics

In order to share the basics of compliance and raise its awareness within the corporate group, ZUIKO Corporation establishes the following 10 code of ethics as the basis for its management and how it will conduct its business.

  1. 1. Comply with laws and social norms
  2. We will comply with laws and social norms, including our articles of incorporation and company regulations.

  3. 2. Fair Business
  4. We will not make unreasonable demands and maintain a fair and open relationship with our business partners.

  5. 3. Manage and protect confidential Information
  6. We will securely manage and protect information assets and personal information.

  7. 4. Environmental conservation and Social Contribution
  8. We will make an effort of reducing our impact on the global environment. We will instill our employees with a sense of personal responsibility to actively engage and contribute to society.

  9. 5. Comply with international rules and local laws, and respect local culture and customs in international business activities.
  10. We will comply with international rules, regulations, and local laws when engaging in business with local companies. We will respect the local culture, customs, and promote business activities based on mutual trust.

  11. 6. Prompt and appropriate information disclosure
  12. We strive to improve the transparency of corporate management by providing necessary information promptly and accurately.

  13. 7. Disassociate from antisocial forces
  14. We will take a resolute attitude towards antisocial forces and ban any relations with antisocial forces that threaten social order and safety.

  15. 8. Respect human rights and the formation of a healthy workplace
  16. We will respect human rights and create a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.

  17. 9. Promote and implement corporate compliance program
  18. We will continue to regulate our actions and strive to promote, establish, and improve our corporate compliance program.

  19. 10. Corporate management instills the company philosophy and ethics in employees
  20. The corporate management recognizes the necessity of leading by example in order to achieve compliance and furthermore vows to carry out actions in accordance to the corporate philosophy and code of ethics.