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Corporate Philosophy

ZUIKO will continue to reach for new heights by leveraging the achievements we have made since our founding in 1946, and by developing new markets with our pioneering spirit. Working together as one under "ALL ZUIKO", we will create new business and value beyond just machinery.

Corporate Message

Make the Impossible Possible

MISSON - Our purpose and mission as a company

Contribute to the health and welfare of society by creating new value for the health care industry as a global manufacturer of machines for sanitary and hygiene products.

VISION - The goal we seek to achieve while pursuing our mission

Establish a firm foundation in the global market by developing machines that stay ahead of the times and exceed customer expectations with creativity and ingenuity.

The ZUIKO Way - Employee Code of Conduct

Be Creative

  • Think boldly without restraint, and aspire to do what no one has done before.
  • Recognize the small achievements that become the seeds for great innovation.
  • Don't be afraid of failure in order to achieve the previously unachievable.

Enhance Technology

  • Understand the customer's perspective and exceed their expectations.
  • Specialize and perfect the niche areas that can't be copied by other companies.
  • Refuse to compromise on quality, even when the value can't be quantified.


  • Undertake each day's work quickly.
  • Boldly face the ever changing global market.
  • Adopt the pioneering spirit and develop new markets.


  • Work together and respect each other's differences and abilities. (ALL ZUIKO)
  • Actively communicate with one another to create a friendly and open environment.
  • Consider the environment when working and pursue a sustainable society.