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Corporate Vision

As a top manufacturer in the hygiene product production machine industry, our priority is to meet our customers’ production needs and improve the lives of people around the world through the utilization of our technological innovations.

Corporate Vision

Never give up and make the impossible, possible.

『求道』"Kyud?" Seeking the Path

The “strength” of each individual is important when pursuing innovation. ZUIKO is a place, like a dojo, where a “path” is sought after, challenged and refined. Innovation is more likely to emerge when people come together to pursue new ideas, debate and challenge one another.

『利次』"Riji" Standing on the Shoulders of Giants; Be a Giant.

“Riji” is a term coined internally at ZUIKO. It is a combination of the Japanese words “to benefit” and “next.” Innovation takes time. The development of an idea can span over an entire career and still fail to materialize. This is why it is important to develop human assets and plan long-term. Passing on work for future generations to continue is the essence of “riji.”

『進取』“Shinshu” Treading a New Path

Innovation is not simply the undertaking of challenges set out by customers. As with starting a business, innovation is the result of self-initiative, experimentation, and accepting risk. This belief is what allows employees at ZUIKO to enjoy experimenting with new ideas and continue the process of innovation even after failure.